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in collaboration with Young Women Christian Association

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Name of the project: ‘Women’s Rights and Access to Justice’ – Length: 24 months (till September 2017)
Target area: North-western and Northern province
The project focuses, to a larger extent, on stronger public participation of women in democratic governance and improved service delivery, through two specific parts:
  1. Through empowering particularly vulnerable groups, like women, so that they know, secure and enforce their human and democratic rights
  2. Through promoting gender equality and democratic rights in the policy and legal field. The project wants to strengthen social norms and policies that promote gender equality and empower women to take more control over their lives. The project will work with people on strengthen respect, protection and fulfillment of their rights. The larger goal is to create better conditions for their socio-economic development, which also benefits their families and communities.




Provide legal services: legal advice by paralegals, civic education on women’s rights and human rights, legal advice and support from lawyers and counsellors to survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
Strengthen the capacity of paralegals and counsellors and other stakeholders.
Establish and strengthen an effective GBV database system to record, track and monitor GBV cases
Provide legal empowerment programme for community members
Organise, collect and analyse the data related to the beneficiaries’ situation to feed the advocacy efforts.
Advocate for the domestication and implementation of international instruments, the enhanced implementation of international instruments and the anti-GBV act at all levels and strengthen legal aid strategies and mechanisms.

The change the project ‘Women’s Rights and Access to Justice’ wants to see:


Women and girls can take control over their lives, as they better know their rights and how to enforce them.
Legal aid providers (paralegals, lawyers and CSOs) are better equipped to assist the rights-holders in their demand for justice.
The Zambian legal framework provides for better protection of rights of women and girls and is being effectively implemented.



Avocats Sans Frontiers (ASF) Avocats Sans Frontiers (ASF) is an international Brussels based NGO established in 1992. For over twenty years, ASF developed extensive expertise in promoting human rights and strengthening access to justice for the most vulnerable populations in fragile states. This is done at various levels: establishing access to justice mechanisms; capacity building of lawyers, civil society organisations and state services; and advocating for laws and national policies that can ensure access to justice and human rights.

YWCA was formed in 1957 and has extensive experience with working on access to justice and women’s rights in Zambia. The overall goal of the organisation is to enhance the quality of life in which health, education, human rights and economic empowerment are promoted for women, youth and children. YWCA’s major activities include advocacy and lobbying for policy and legal reforms and their effective implementation, provision of services such as counselling, legal advice, temporal protective shelter, referrals and follow up on cases in order to enhance access to justice; community mobilization and awareness raising; engaging men, boys and traditional leaders as agents of change, safe spaces for life skill building targeting adolescents and young women, socio-economic empowerment activities aimed at reducing vulnerability to vices such as gender based violence and increasing their ability to participate in decision making processes.


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