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Norwegian Church Aid (NCA),
in collaboration with
Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA)

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Name of the project: ‘Canvassing contours and ridges: Towards gender justice in Easter and Western provinces of Zambia’
Length: 36 months (until August 2018)
Target area: Petauke district in Eastern province; Mwandi and Sesheke district in Western province
Target Groups: 6,500 women and 500 men, with final beneficiaries to be the communities in Easter and western province
Thee project intends to:
  1. Increase legal aid services for Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors through provision of legal desks in the community and training paralegals
  2. Improve capacity by GBV service providers to handle GBV cases, including training of service providers in GBV case management to enhance capacity to retain cases and be able to secure convictions and avoid the falling off of cases
  3. Involve law reform by amending the Penal Code and the anti GBV Act to ensure the offences in the anti-GBV Act are provided for in the Penal Code
  4. Increase knowledge of GBV among women and children by conducting sensitisation meetings and production of IEC materials for members of the community and other related laws
  5. Aim at reducing vulnerability to GBV among Women and Children and this will be done by training paralegals who will provide basic legal advice to survivors of GBV.
  6. Contribute to positive cultural and religious practices towards women, through lobbying with traditional leaders to reform their laws in order to harmonise then with current providers of the constitution, Penal Code and the anti GBV Act.
  7. Reduce stigma and discrimination on women who suffer GBV through referrals and counselling and lobbying the government to provide shelters for survivors as stipulated in the anti-GBV act





Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a diaconal organisation mandated by churches and Christian organisations in Norway to work with people around the world to eradicate poverty and injustice. NCAs vision is “Together for a Just World”.

NCA provides humanitarian assistance and works for long-term development. In order to address the root causes of poverty, we advocate for just decisions by public authorities, business and religious leaders. Our support is provided unconditionally, with no intention of influencing anyone’s religious affiliation. Most of our work is undertaken together with local civil society partners and faith based actors.

NCA has two long-term goals: to save lives and to seek justice, which together define the work towards a more just world. Through the various programmes, NCA translates these long-term goals into actions. The goals build on NCA’s distinctive identity and reflect their efforts to effect change, both locally and globally.

NCA has a long experience from working to reduce GBV and promote gender equality. Innovative strategies have been applied, such as the mobilisation of faith based and community actors to break the silence on GBV and promoting new theological reflections and community dialogues on sensitive issues related to dominant social norms.



Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) is a regional NGO, set up in 1989. The mission is to advance the social and legal status of women and children in Zambia achieved through:

1. POLICY and ADVOCACY: work with the members of parliament, members of the executive, Judges, magistrates and traditional leaders to influence policy change and law reform. WLSA is doing this already on the Gender Equality Bill, Constitution, Anti GBV Act, Marriage Bill and the Children’s protection: Penal Code
2. ACTION RESEARCH: WLSA has conducted extensive research which feeds into the WLSA programmes. Which includes; prison’s research, women economic empowerment research, women and justice, women and access to land
3. CAPACITY BUILDING: WLSA trains service providers like the paralegals, police, prosecutors, doctors, councillors, Judiciary staff and traditional councillors on gender and GBV related laws. WLSA has since developed comprehensive training manuals.
4. SERVICE DELIVERY: WLSA works at grassroots level to provide community sensitisation, legal advice, legal representation to survivors and training of paralegals. WLSA also strongly advocates for an increase in number of women in decision making positions in government, civil society and the private sector.






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