Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF)

Women In Law and Development in Africa Logo Name of the project: ‘Improving Access to Justice for the Victims of Gender Based Violence’ – Length: 36 months (till August 2018)
Target area: Katete district in Eastern province, Mpika district in Muchinga province and Chibombo and Mkushi district in Central province.
Target Groups: 1,120 access to justice NGO representative, 210 formal justice institution representatives. Final beneficiaries are 63,000 households who have been sensitized and therefore able to make use of the services. The project focuses on improving Access to Justice by the victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV) particularly the poor and vulnerable women and children in four targeted districts by 2018.

Specific Objectives:


V Family--

To enhance formulation and implementation of legal policy and framework to increase access to justice by victims of GBV
To increase capacity and motivation of key duty bearers in local government to effectively implement the anti-GBV act
To improve legal awareness and knowledge by community members
To increase legal services and representations for GBV victims
To improve access to legal information


 Key Activities:

Village Local Court--- Villagers not able to speak at the local court

Lobby stakeholders for drafting necessary legal documents and effective implementation of the anti-GBV act and National Aid Policy
Build capacity of key duty bearers under the anti-GBV act and key actors in the traditional and local court system to prevent and effectively respond to GBV cases
Establish and strengthen an effective GBV database system to record, track and monitor GBV cases
Provide legal empowerment programme for community members
Undertake public awareness campaign to address gender and GBV issues
Build expertise and capacity of community paralegal pools and support establishment and strengthen of paralegal desks
Establish and manage a ‘litigation fund’ for prosecution of GBV
Establish and maintain an online resource centre and platform on law and legal issues


The change the project ‘Improving Access to Justice for the Victims of Gender Based Violence’ wants to see:
1) Policy officers in all target areas are demonstrating improved capacity to effectively and timely follow-up on the GBV cases to their offices
2) Zambian men, women, children and vulnerable groups (people living with HIV/AIDS and people with disabilities) are aware of the GBV issues, its consequences and the anti-GBV act and increasingly reporting the GBV cases to the legitimate authorities (police officers)
3) Victims of Gender Based Violence increasingly accessed to the appropriate and affordable legal services and aid within the target districts.


Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) is a Pan African non-governmental and non-profit making network, which brings together organisations and individuals who use the law to promote culture for exercise and respect for women’s rights in 26 countries in Africa. WiLDAF Zambia has a vast experience and expertise in addressing human rights issues including GBV through advocacy, research, policy and legal readdress.


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