Joint Policy Action Support (JPAS)

The Joint Policy Action Support Grant (JPAS) is part of the open rolling grant application scheme. This means that the grant is open to all civil organisation that meet the minimum eligibility requirement to apply at any time of the year. The JPAS is an entry level grant – organisations that have not previously been awarded a grant by ZGF may apply.
The core feature of this grant is that it requires more than two CSOs interested in / or taking a joint action on a particular policy area. The JPAS grant supports coalition building or sustains existing coalitions and collaborative work. Applications are assessed on the basis of the added value that such joint action brings to the policy issue beyond what is already being done or what else could be done.
As with all ZGF grant schemes the JPAS grant will not support:
  • Government institutions and semi-government institutions
  • International organisations
  • International non-governmental organisations, including international funding organisations and international personnel / technical assistance supply organisations
  • Organisations largely depending on funding from their international mother body
  • Political parties
  • Organisations promoting a religious agenda
  • Organisations running on a for-profit basis