Mini-Initiative Support

The Mini-Initiative Support grant is offered to civil society organisations that are emerging, smaller or working in districts or provinces where civil society activity is limited, but are seeking to engage more effectively in the public policy debate, empower communities and prioritise the sustainable development of their own organisation. It is not targeted towards a particular theme and is open to applications from organisations engaged in policy work in different sectors and crosscutting issues, including but not limited to gender equality, child and youth development, health, agriculture, education, health, HIV and AIDS, environment and natural resources, governance etc.
Under this support scheme, applicants can submit applications to undertake projects (here referred to as Initiatives) combining various types of activities: (a) policy engagement activities; (b) community development activities; and (c) activities aimed at the applicant’s organisational capacity development.
The minimum budget under this scheme is ZMW 100,000 whilst the maximum is ZMW 200,000. Mini-Initiative Support grants can be used over a minimum period of 6 months and maximum 12 months.