Rapid Response

The Rapid Response grant is designed to support quick civil society response to emerging and urgent burning policy issues or advocate for policy change in a particular area. The grant opportunity aims to fund short-term initiatives (six to twelve months in length) and are generally limited to requests of up to ZMW 200,000 per grant award. The Rapid Response grant can be accessed by both existing ZGF Grant Partners as well as other civil society organisations with no contractual relations with ZGF.
Applicants may submit proposals for work on one or more of the policy priorities listed below:
  • Government is seeking immediate civil society engagement (for example on the draft constitution, a Disability Bill or National Policy on Aging that is already under consultation);
  • Civil society has to urgently provide input to influence a policy that is in the process of being formulated, enacted or an implementation plan drawn up (for example, influencing a forthcoming budget allocation, or responding to the government’s announcement that it intends to review the Wildlife Policy); or
  • Civil society need to urgently intervene by halting or delaying a policy process from going forward because the contents are inadequate or unsatisfactory or the necessary consultation was not done (for example, on the Education bill).